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Lori Grimes

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Prices are indicated on each concert page. Petersburg on Board Fred. Theven love you feel during this visit is not going to be earthly, it is the love of God and it is amazing! Rest assured your parents are ok and you will see them again. Heaven is real and your parents are around you still and all you have to do is ask for them to show you.

I hope you receive the comfort you need. God bless! I get goos bumps in my left arm a mirror went dark red a face on the wall cold in wone corner of a room. I am sorry for your loss Iost my son from suicide to and i have heard mom, sound of footsteps walking upstairs I can go on and on love to know they are here but does not take away our pain. I lost my son to suicide Feb 24th this year. I hear him say Dad all the time and have had extended conversations with him.

I could tell so many stories, but it brings me comfort that I can hear him. Since his death, we have had so many strange things happen in our home. I have seen his face on walls and on the floor. I have a friend who is a medium. For the last couple months to have been thinking about and excited about coming to see Blair in Palm Springs. I first dismissed it as a coincidence. Then it was showing up more often. I was getting frustrated.

Then all of a sudden it was like a light turned on. My mother passed away when she was only 44 and in June this was the 44th year she has been gone. She is letting you know that she is ok. Trust me. She is ok and that she loves you very much and is sorry. God is good. My Auntie Sue, she just passed this past week. Today I am watching a British program of Miss Marple an they mentioned Croft End an that was a street for Auntie Sue in England and it gave me such a wonderful feeling!

My husband would always get words to song mixed up. My mother always connects with me through animals birds insects that we both enjoyed looking at such as the male cardinals miniature goats that scare easily and snails. She passed in My only sister died on December 22, I miss her terribly can t fine the words to express the pain I feel.

She was afariad of during. I ask her to let me know if is is ok, but have not received any signs…i cry all the time. You will receive signs Wanda, just give it time. My son died in April , I have dreamed about him 4 times, each time it only lasted for a short time and I would wake up. So far my son has visited me 4 times in my dreams. Ask you sister every night if she would be in your dreams. I believe my Husbands deceased mother saved my husbands life… I was sleeping in the bedroom and my husband was in the living room..

I heard 2 big bangs that woke me up.. He found out at the Hospital he had pneumonia. If I did not wake up, my husband would not be here today.. When my brother died I woke up smelling cigarettes and a famous celeb visit me everytime I see his picture or hear his song I would cry and het hot. When I become stressed about things I fell a slight pressure on my shoulder, when that happens I know Daddy is telling me not to worry, things will work out.

He is also good at reminding all his kids that he is around by leavings pennies, face side up, all around. My Mom gets our attenion by moving things from their normal places and putting them someplace other. In turn we find something we misplaced. My younger brother was killed in in a auto accident. When we were younger he use to sneak into my room, while I was asleep, ant tickle my feet. Dustin was 11 years old,and born with the worst heart cond,He was a Special Lil Man,In every ones heart. Any was one of Dustins auntie was dianosed,with cancer.

And one nite i fell to sleep, and i had a deam of my Dustin showing me one of his medals,I heard his voice,But didnt see him. Well he handed me his medal and told me to give it to my auntie. So that morn i woke up,I thought of my dream. And i look in my jewery box and i found it. So i went to Dianes and handed her Dustin medal. Everytime she wore it it gave her the streneth. And the out come was good. I went through a monagram, and they thought they seen a few spots.


And i worried about it, and Diane gave back the medals,I wore them every day and my out come was good. So i know that our loved knows when there are needed. I miss my Son so dearly. My mom passed in July. It was very hot that year so I went to the cemetary daily to water the flowers. My mother in law passed 8 months ago in December. She loved beautiful flowers so I planted some at her grave. The heart is perfectly shaped within the dirt and the patchy grass is in the middle if the heart.

It could be coincidence but I believe it was a sign if thanks that she sees the flowers. I have had both visual and physical connections to my parents who had passed away 30 days apart in My husband and I were starting to build our home just before my parents passed away. One day we drove up to the site and a double rainbow appeared out of nowhere and lasted until we left the property.

I had been sad because they never got the chance to see the property we bought or the pans for the house. I believe this was their way of showing me that they were there. I kept experiencing light touches, like butterfly wings on my hand or arms. I had gone to see a gentleman at Lilydale, NY and he said it was my Mom letting me know she is still with me and watching over me. I truly believe that.

It has happened numerous times. Also lots of pennies…in really weird places. My 1 yr old Grandson suddenly looking over at my parents pictures and up towards the ceiling. Quite a few little signs. They give me peace. This was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky…well, the sky opened up, and it downpoured on me! I stood up, threw my hands up and said OK, OK!

I turned around and there was a double rainbow above me! My husband witnessed this whole thing, he was in the car, it made him cry. I had a similiar on the 1st fathers day after my dad past. I made a card, and on the front , I asked God to pass this on to my dad. On the inside, I wrote a poem to my dad. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Suddenly, the sky turned total black, and lightning was coming down. I laughed, and looked up and said Thankyou Lord.

It made my day… when I got home, my husband, and our company , were freaking out. My husband passed away 11 yrs ago. One night I was just about to fall asleep when I had a feeling of someone leaning on the bed, over me to kiss me good night, as he often did when he came home from work. I also have dreams that he has come back to life. In my dream he picks up and carries on with daily routine things, right where he left off before he passed. I dated the love of my life when I was A few years later he contacted me out of the blue when I moved back home after my divorce.

Some things has happened to him in the Navy and he was paralyzed, but I has already known he was and it was ok with me. I always wanted to talk to him and explain why things turned out the way they did and hopefully, if nothing else, regain a friend. I saw his cousin, my good friend, in a store a while later and found out he had passed away the year prior. I was devistated. He remained on my mind for years. I eventually found his grave and visited it while I was engaged to my ex, hoping to pour out my heart and tell him things that had been left unsaid, for closure.

A few nights later I has the most vivid dream with him in it. I KNOW it was his spirit coming to me. Them he said he had to go and got up to walk away. I asked him to stop, sobbing in my dream. He told me he loved me and would see me again. Then he was gone. I woke up crying. I think about that dream all the time, and I wish he would visit me again. I also dated my love of my life at 16 and We broke up and 37 years later got back together! We became engaged. We were so in love. Thirteen months after we got back with each other he passed away after not surviving a liver transplant.

That was in June of I have had many signs and know he is around. I loved your story Khristie… so similiar to mine! God bless you! My mother passed away one year ago today. A week after her funeral, during my sleep, she called me on the phone at work. I made it! Everyone is waiting. I love you! All the sudden my father alive and well came running twards us and things outside wer getting intence, I mean life threatening. Then I woke up confused and crying. I miss my father so much my heart still hurts. My husband died from cancer 13 years ago. My son and I have found pennies on our walks.

Before we turned in, we went to Build-a-Bear. I sat it up on a tall dresser cabinet next to a touch lamp. At a. It was as if my husband had been admiring it. I acknowledged him by snapping a picture. I tell him I love him and go back to bed. Beep…on comes the fan and light. I check on our young son and he was asleep. Went back to bed ad back into the dream. I believe my husband wanted me to get the tooth before he choked on it. When my husband was alive he held me and told me I would be alright.

One night the wind was so bad and I was in tears. I was laying on my left side. One day I woke up from a deep sleep to the taste of coffee. I actually got up and brushed my teeth to remove the taste after acknowleding his visit. Later that day I came home to my 18 year old son who asked me if I could smell cigarettes.

My son said he showered, washed clothes, and where ever he went he smelled cigarettes, including when I walked in the door. He could smell it, but not me. I told him his grandfather said hello. My son got married in Poland and I was having a pity party because no one was able to come with me and of course my son and future daughter-in-law were busy with their plans and no one spoke English, so I was alone a lot. I started talking to my mother asking her for some sign that she was there with me. I said May 5th and her cousin said yes May 5th.

The last time I seen my son was at my house for Christmas I had a very overwhelming feeling that I needed to make his Christmas the best ever. Did not know why I had to make it the best but I just had that horrible feeling. I had made a huge dinner and I noticed that he went back several times for more. I loved that he so enjoyed my food. After dinner we had cocktails out in our garage. My son was sitting on his motorcycle and I started to video him for some reason. I just had this overwelming feeling that I needed to video him.

I never video anything. While I was videoing my son my husband threw a firecracker at my feet and it went off. I jumped so high and almost dropped my phone that I had been videoing my son. My son laughed and laughed at that moment. He so enjoyed that moment. Shortly after this on January 13th, he passed away from a horrible motorcycle accident. He was only 27 years old. I feel so guilty like I should have told him that I had a horrible feeling that something was wrong at Christmas. One day after his memorial I was laying in bed and I was looking at all his pictures on the computer.

I was crying so bad and then I heard this very loud sound of a firecraker and I even thought I smelled it. I was the only person in the house at the time and I knew it had to be a sign from him because he so enjoyed that firecracker at Christmas. He loved to hike in the woods and I think the sticks were somehow connected to that. I love when weird things happen now. Patricia, I had a similar thing happen to me when my son was 11 in passed away.

It was about in the afternoon, the kids were do home about So I made sure dinner was ready when he got home about pm so we could sit and eat before he went to his second job. I told the kids to make sure they were home by 4pm because we were going to have dinner together. About I got a call from my sons boy friend that there had been an accident and that I need to come. I ran out the door it was only across my back yard, I found that my son had been shot by his friend. His friend had already called I covered my son and told his friend to stay with him and ran out the door screaming for my husband.

My son lived 25 hours and I thank God every day that my husband was there to be with him. If I had not gotten that fear he would have been gone. Sadly the boy the shot my son passed away last year. He never forgave him self for killing my son. My daughter reached out to him over the years and he was very grateful.

We truly believe that my daughter was getting a message from her brother to find and help his friend. It took her a number of years and he talked to her often.

5 Common Signs From Our Deceased Loved Ones - Psychic Medium Blair Robertson

We who are left behind have got to learn to forgive ourselves for things that happen that we have no control over and truly to treat every day as if it were our last. As a side note: The day after my son passed my daughter and I were at the store, when I went to start the car every electrical thing in the car went off.

The lights blinking, the horn blowing, the radio going off and on. It only lasted for a min. It never happened again. Let go of the guilt. He was probably a lot like my brother and was gonna do what he was gonna do no matter who said what. Be gentle with yourself the way that he would be towards you. My son passed away last January. Thought it was wierd but nothing more. I have a home in Virginia and Georgia. Late last fall there was a katydid on one of the windows of my Virginia home.

It was very cold, and could not figure out why it was there. It stayed for a week and disappeared. When we got back to our Georgia home where we have an enclosed sunporch, I found yet another katydid. This one stayed half the winter in bitter cold temps. It took me minute to figure it was my father.

He taught me so much about insects and gardening. It was a love we shared till his dying day! I used to love to visit that Katydid. They then flew off together. Since that day I regularly see them — not always 4 together but generally at least 2 and not always when I am home, it can be anywhere. My brother passed March On the Tuesday my brother had begun his journey and I lend over to whisper to him that Mum was waiting for him that she had plugged in the kettle,and he should go and have a cup of tea with her..

He did…..


The Prayer.. She was letting me know that he had arrived.. They buried her in my dress! I live in the desert and after living here 19 years, canada geese are rare. Since the tragic deaths of my father and brother, two canada geese sometimes fly over me and honk. Once two of them swooped down between my house and my next door neighbors right above the roof line while my mother and I were out in the back yard sending my daughter over the wall to school. My daughter said those same two geese flew above her all the way to school then flew away.

Recently, 18 months passed and I have not seen nor heard any geese. Then sure enough while walking my dog a few days ago out of nowhere two geese flew over me honking. Since my brother passed away in , I often cross paths with a pair of Canadian geese. My father passed away much earlier in My father and brother were close when they were both alive and did many activities together.

Canadian geese are not as rare here in the Northeast, but before I can never remember just seeing a pair, it would always be larger groups, and usually only certain times of the year. Now I see these two quite a bit throughout the year, and they are a comfort to me.

House of restless Spirits pt.1

I hope you continue to see your geese in the future. My Mom passed of melanoma in I was unemployed at the time which I thought of as a blessing as I was able to care for her while she was dying but was tough on me afterwards. I worked 3 part time jobs while looking for work. After that I only saw it on tough days. BUT I started finding blue jay feathers… constantly. I have a huge collection in antique jars.

I got them every day for about the next few months and now occasionally I will find one really tough day or on my birthday — last year I always say thanks Mom. Welll, she passed at 91! That afternoon driving home from my job…. I know that was her sign! One night I was awaken by someone touching my cheek, it startled me, but I knew immediately it was him. It warmed my heart and made me smile. My Dad passed away May 10, after battling prostrate cancer.

I got goose bumps on both of my arms, i immediately said oh you are with me Dad. I love you. My younger sister has a red cardinal visit her back porch, then she saw it again. I told her its Dad acknowling you! He took her to St. Louis cardinals game when she was little our middle sister has forced our Mom to change her will, sign over her property, sent us letters we can no longer contact our mother. I ask my Dad what should we do? Should we fight it? Should we turn her in for elder abuse? I miss him so much. I went to bed comforted. This was long before I discovered I was a Seer Sensitive.

In my father became ill and when his doctor called him to give her test results, my father call my wife and I to come and be with him for the results. He was diagnosed with Cancer. Over the course of 2 years since he lived alone in Georgia my wife and I stayed with him at different times. He passed away in the presence of all of his children 7 July 15th On the way back to our home in South Carolina we drove through the Ga mountains.

There is a spot in the mountains where you can stop and take pictures and my father always had us stop there whenever he was with us. When we got to the spot we viewed not one rainbow but two rainbows. We stopped and took pictures of this because I have never seen two rainbows at the same time. To me this was a sign from my father that he was with the family members who have passed and that he was in a better place. It gave us comfort knowing he was no longer in pain and was home. I see numbers like I might not look at the clock all day and then when I look up its or I know its a sign from my mum.

And if its no sign I am going to think it is cause it makes me feel like shes still around me…I miss her soo much. When i was up in the altar gettiing married, i had a fly just come outta nowhere and land on the tip of my nose…i continued to do that thru out the whole ceremony. And at some point i got an overwhelming feeling of love…and my deceased father came to mind. I knew for sure it was him trying to connect with me on my special day. RIP Dad xoxo. Thank you for sharing! My 6 year old grandson came running in one day and said grandma you know those flys you and mommy and auntie like well one just landed on me in the front yard.

That is surly my brother. We gets signs everywhere and I know he is around us a lot. I suffered a very sudden and unexpected breakup with someone I had given my heart to more fully than anyone before him. I was devastated,laying on my bed, crying my heart out.

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I felt at that moment that my soul had exploded into a million pieces. I remember that I had my hands balled up into fists and drawn up to my face. I felt something unseen slip into and over my hands. I felt the touch and warmth of someone holding onto my hands.

It snapped me out of the immediate devastation I was feeling. I laid there for awhile trying to pull some reason out of the sensation. Its something I will never forget and always be thankful for because I was completely alone and broken at that moment. My mother-in-law died in her sleep suddenly about 6 years ago. My husband and his siblings took it very hard she was young and no one was expecting it.

The last thing that happen was not knowing my brother-in-law and his family came into town and went to visit her grave of course like everyone does he talked to her and wish she was here to see the kids and he wanted to know what she thought about the baby. Well that same night she came to me in my dreams and told me what to tell him and when i called and told him what she said.

They both cried because they said how did i know that. No one was there at the time and no one knows what they asked but i answered for her. Our neighbour passed on late Dec,,He was like a grampy living beside him for 18 yrs, HE always had treats or money for the kids when we visited.

WE just recently bought his house for our daughter. The day we were handed the house keys my youngest boy found a toonie on the floor of the tv room, My son is only 10, he saw this as a sign right away! I had shivers down my spine as he told me whst he found.

The evening my father died I was alone in my home in the back room. Well I heard him call my name really loud as if was in the front room but no one was there. I received a call from my aunt about an hour later telling me that he had past an hour ago. He lived in Texas and I in California.

I know my husband is here with me. I know when he sends me a sign. I will fill a birdfeeder only to see that the goldfinches have returned earlier than normal. I just want to hold him one more time. I am sorry for your loss. My husband died June 30th He was my love and I miss him so much and feel so alone. I just never have experienced anything and wish I would have. I would love to talk to him one more time or hold him but it is not possible b. Hello Sandy, Just want to tell you that he has sent you signs but you have not noticed them yet.

Look towards the sky he says. I hope this helps Cynthia lee. My grandma was my mom.. Still waiting for a sign or goodbye something:. My Darling Husband died on the 19th July My husband died of cancer and in the last weeks he said that he would try to send me a sign that he was alright. I have never experienced anything. It would be such a comfort if I did. I am going through these exact emotional issues. I met my soul mate after a few real bad years.

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  6. We loved each other very much. My Junior just passed Nov. I have overwhelming guilt over not having obtained help for him fast enough, not staying at the hospital long enough on Thanksgiving day, assuming I would see him the next day. I was too late getting to the hospital when he passed.

    When things are real tough I can feel him touching my head and my legs when I lay on the couch. I hope to start getting more signs that I understand. I understand your pain I lost the love of my life on December 8th the hurt and paid is so unbearable. I am so sorry for your loss. Not to mention I am to clean the house we live in and go thru his stuff.

    Just know I said a special prayer for you. He has always been around me. He comes to me when I sleep often. He has kissed me as well. He sends this song to 2 of my daughters as well. With one daughter he also turns street lights on or off when she drives by. Just one. I talk to him every day. So he is with us, I know and keeps sending us signs just to reaffirm this. I do miss him to a certain extent, but then I know he is with me always.