A Time For Everything: Even Time Could Not Stand In Their Way

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Often, compulsions are performed in a ritualistic, or very specific way, for example, counting to six each time an article of clothing is removed. Often, the content of obsessions sounds very odd or makes no sense. For example, a child with OCD might say that he or she needs to arrange all the teddy bears from smallest to biggest or else something bad will happen to mom. Most younger children have no idea that their obsessions sound peculiar to others. For example, your child might not be able to start her homework until her books are all ordered and perfectly arranged, or cannot turn in an assignment until she is certain its perfect.

However, for some teens they are plagued with unwanted thoughts and images about being gay when they know they are not, or thinking about engaging in sexual behavior that feels upsetting and even repulsive to them. There are many other types of washing behaviors, including:. Some children and teens check to make sure that everyone is okay. Some children and teens have lucky and unlucky numbers involved in their rituals e. For example, a child might need to line up all the shoes in the closet so that they all face forward, and are matched by color. It is common in toddlers, preschoolers, and even young children to have rituals and superstitions.

A careful assessment of your child can help determine whether OCD is at play. For those diagnosed with childhood OCD, themes of harm and contamination are the most common themes in this age group. Encouraging adolescents to unburden themselves by talking with an adult they trust about their OCD is a good start.

These are obviously much older pictures. But at its essence, it's how do we create models and understand the models that describe a lot of the complexity in the universe around us? And just to put chemistry in, I guess you could say, in context with some of the other sciences, many people would say at the purest level, you would have mathematics. That math, you're studying ideas, which could even be independent, you're seeing logical ideas that could be even independent of anything that you've ever observed or experienced.

And a lot of folks that say if we ever communicate with another intelligent species that could be completely different than us, math might be that common language. Because even if we perceive the world differently and think differently in certain ways, math might be that common language. But on top of math, we start to say, well how is our reality actually structured?

At the most basic level, what are the constituents of matter and what are the mathematical properties that describe how they react together? And then, or interact with each other? Then you go one level above that, you get to the topic of this video, which is chemistry.

Which is very closely related to physics. When we talk about these chemical equations and we create these molecular structures, the interactions between these atoms, these are quantum mechanical interactions which we do not fully understand at the deepest level yet. But with chemistry, we can start to make use of the math and they physics to start to think about how all of these different building blocks can interact to explain all sorts of different phenomena. This chemical equation you see right here, this is combustion.

This is hydrogen combusting with oxygen to produce a lot of energy. To produce energy. When we imagine combustion, we think of fire. But what even is fire at its most fundamental level? How do we get, why do we perceive this thing here? And chemistry is super important because on top of that, we build biology. We build biology. And as you'll see as you study all of these things, there's points where these things start to bleed together. But the biology in, say, a human being, or really in any species, it's based on molecular interactions.

Interactions between molecules, between atoms, which, at the end of the day, is all about chemistry. As I speak, the only reason why I'm able to speak is because of really, hard to imagine the number of chemical interactions happening in me right now to create this soundness.

6 Reasons You've Been Drinking Water Wrong

To create this thing that thinks it exists that wants to make a video about how awesome and amazing chemistry is. And then from biology, you can build out on all of everything else. So sciences like psychology and economics, which of course, these things also leverage math and other things. But this gives you kind of a sense of how we build up and how we explain the reality around us. And not one of these is more important than the other.

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Like you? Your a laboratory experiment, Rogers. Everything special about you came out of a bottle. Until we can close that portal, our priority's containment. Barton, I want you on that roof, eyes on everything. Call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back or you turn it to ash. Better clench up, Legolas.

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Slow 'em down. You got the lightning. Light the bastards up. You and me, we stay here on the ground, keep the fighting here. And Hulk? Costume 's a bit much. So tight. But with confidence, I can feel the righteousness surging! Hey, wanna have a rousing discussion about truth? I guess I'm not quite sure what that is anymore. And I thought I could throw myself back in: follow orders, serve. It's just not the same. Had a metal arm. I'm 95, not dead. You've heard a lot about me over the last few days. Some of you were even ordered to hunt me down.

But I think it's time to know the truth. Alexander Pierce is their leader.

A Time for Everything: Even Time Could Not Stand in Their Way - Chris C. Davidson - Google Books

The S. I don't know how many more, but I know they're in the building. They could be standing right next to you. They almost have what they want: absolute control. They shot Nick Fury, and it won't end there. And I know I'm asking a lot. The price of freedom is high, it always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay.

And if I'm the only one, then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not. You two are practically twins. Captain's orders. She seems kinda nice. Then get me a date. This is fear. When do we start? The rest of us have one job, tear these things apart. You get hurt, hurt them back. You get killed Odds are we'll be riding into heavy fire. And that's what we signed up for.

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But the people of Sokovia , they didn't. So our priority is getting them out. All they want is to live their lives in peace. And that's not gonna happen today. But we can do our best to protect them. And we can get the job done. We find out what Ultron's been building, we find Romanoff , and we clear the field. Keep the fight between us.

Ultron thinks we're monsters. That we're what's wrong with the world. This isn't just about beating him. It's about whether he's right. I just pay for everything and design everything and make everyone look cooler. God's righteous man. Pretending you could live without a war. No one else is gonna deal with the fact that Cap just said "Language"? It Just slipped out.

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  4. HYDRA 's number one thug. Where's Loki 's Scepter? You'll mention how I cooperated, I hope. Orphaned at 10 when a shell collapsed their apartment building. Sokovia 's had a rough history. It's nowhere special, but it's on the way to everywhere special. Her thing is neuroelectric interfacing, telekinesis, mental manipulation.

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    He's fast and she's weird. File says they volunteered for Strucker 's experiments. It's nuts. What kind of monster would let a German scientist experiment on them to protect their country? Call me old-fashioned. Whether you'd tell us is a bit of a question. Isn't that the mission? Isn't that the "Why We Fight"? So we can end the fight. So we get to go home! Every time. The power to make real change, and that terrifies you. Cap, can you keep him occupied? Build Pepper a farm, hope nobody blows it up. Family, stability The guy who wanted all that went in the ice 75 years ago.

    I think someone else came out. We all need family. The Avengers are yours, maybe more so than mine. I never really fit in anywhere — even in the Army. My faith is in people, I guess. I know I hurt you Tony. I guess I thought — by not telling you about your parents I was sparing you, but I can see now I was really sparing myself. Hopefully one day you can understand. I wish we agreed on the Accords , I really do.