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The demon originally appeared in a cloud of smoke because demons "always give themselves away with some abnormality of appearance.

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He never seriously entertains the idea that all of this has a non-supernatural natural explanation. The closest he comes is when he argues that the doorknobs he heard rattling are "proof that this wasn't a case of mass hysteria, as skeptics might argue. I walked away from Beware the Night convinced that Sarchie believes what he's saying — but that doesn't count for much, since everything is filtered through his extremely dogmatic worldview.

Unfortunately, objective evidence is far harder to come by. The only video I could find of Sarchie's process — a brief documentary that doubles as PR for the movie, complete with branded hashtag — was far less conclusive than his written stories. A couple describes hearing unexplained "screeching" in the middle of the night a month earlier. Sarchie and his partner enter the room in question with a few of their customary tools: medallions, holy water, and a cross.

It was palpitating. And I got this pain right here in my temple. And I get that when I'm in the presence of evil. More nonspecific claims about screams and scratches are described, but aren't captured by the camera. More upsetting footage comes later in the documentary, when Sarchie shows off footage from an exorcism he helped perform in A woman, strapped to a chair, screams and spits at the men who surround her. This is television-level moviemaking top to bottom, from its preposterous premise, scenery-chomping performances, idiotic sound cues and force-fed jump-scares.

Deliver Us From Evil delivers formula, and in a formulaic fashion. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Julian Jan 26, A very good movie,liked it since i saw Eric Bana as main character If you have knowledge about Christianity, you will find that this movie is pretty decent. The production investigate about how such things work in real life. I recommend it LeZee Oct 4, An unusual team of two to fight the evil spirits!

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This was based on the real account. A cop from the New York who witnessed those unexplained events are what this film depicted for us. I think it is slightly an underrated film. Not because of true story, but from the entertainment An unusual team of two to fight the evil spirits!

Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

Not because of true story, but from the entertainment perspective. From the beginning till the end, I enjoyed watching it. Horror means there's no big scary stuff in it, still being true to the genre, it told a decent story. It was well written and directed, a film that I almost missed, but now I can gladly suggest it to the others.

But it is just an above average, yet worth a watch. The story follows a cop who witnesses a series of strange events, which also influence his past. In the most of the case, he's trying to find one particular person, a painter seen in and around the city. So he and his partner finally find that strange man and when they do, it is already too late.

One of them gets injured and the other one tries his best teaming up with a priest to fight the demon that terrorising the city. The film ends with an interesting event. Looks a sequel won't be a bad idea, since the duo is still fighting the devils as what the end statement reveals. There's a recent television series I'm watching called 'Outcast' and this film is kind of resembles that. Please try again later. Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase.

I have been wanting to see this movie since it came out and I finally rented it.

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I love a good paranormal scary movie and this one was fantastic! The acting is great and the story is interesting with a little humor, thrill and the right amount of SCARE!!! The only thing I didn't like about the main character was that he didn't like cats. He doesn't do anything mean he just doesn't like them and honestly I'm sick of cats getting a bad rap in movies and in life.

That's my only rant. I love possession movies but this one really did it for me. It was based of true events I guess but the movie moves at a very good pace. There is a little humor thrown in to lighten things up but the movie itself was one that made my blood run cold a few times. Yea, that good. Totally deserves the 5 stars. If you like GOOD horror movies and you like GOOD acting and not over done special effects because the writing is so good you don't need allot of that trust me the makeup and what there were of special effects were top notch then you'll want to see this one!

I really enjoyed this movie. You'll find this scary if you liked The Conjuring, Insidious, or Sinister. It gives itself some time to build up some creepy atmosphere. The performances are all solid. Eric Bana's character is relatable and interesting to watch Joel McHale is great and brings some humor I know there's controversy over what's "real" in this movie. I don't think it matters what's in the book vs. I think they did a good job of taking the idea of it and making a compelling, creepy, disturbing story.

This is another scary movie that my year-old mom also really liked Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase. Here we have a film which was lost in the shuffle with the glut of demonic possession films this past year. Don't be put off at the fact the film is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer known mostly for his big budget amusement park rides, this is a serious cop movie with paranormal happenings peppered into the streets of N. It also works because of the collaboration of the real exploits of Sergeant Ralph Sarchie brought to fruition by Director Derrickson and actor Bana's interraction with him during the shoot.

With you-are there lensing by director of photography Scott Kevan and brilliant performances by Eric Bana his best yet ,Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn and a chilling Sean Harris, the plot unfolds with electrifying chills as the horror and mysteries unfold in sledge hammer style throughout the films running time. You have read the other reviews following the plot so the buyer should be satisfied by the quality of this Blu-Ray release.

Spotlighting no less than 4 featurettes and a Director's commentary, the P high def image and DTS digital sound will sate Horror buffs for years to come. I absolutely loved this movie. It was totally terrifying. It was gory without looking fake, and the gory parts were necessary for the story, not just for the sake of showing gore.

It had an amazing plot with twists.

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It was a horror movie, but it was also a thriller and a drama. The acting was really good.

Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

The actors who played the cop and the priest were amazing. And, I totally loved the ending. Most movies, whether I love them or not, leave me disappointed at the end. But this movie had an amazing ending, and beginning and middle too. If you love horror movies, and if you want a horror movie that really will scare you, then you really should see this one.