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Other symptoms include the feeling that time is moving too quickly or too slowly, a feeling that the ground is spongy under the feet and a distorted perception of sound. It is most common in children but some people also experience it later in life. The cause is not know but the syndrome is thought to be associated with migraines, epilepsy and glandular fever.

There is currently no known treatment for AIWS other than to look for an underlying cause that can be treated. The real-life Alice in Wonderland: Woman, 24, has rare disorder which makes her feel like objects are growing and shrinking around her Abigail Moss was diagnosed with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome after seeing it featured on an episode of the hit television series 'House' She has experienced the hallucinations since she was five - they used to happen most days but now only occur about five times a year Each attack causes her to feel like the room she's in is shrinking and her body is growing By Emma Innes Published: BST, 4 December Updated: BST, 5 December e-mail View comments.

Share this article Share. Symptoms most commonly occur at night. Read more: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

Question about bringing food/drink to Wonderland

Share or comment on this article: The real-life Alice in Wonderland: Woman, 24, has rare disorder which makes her feel as if objects are growing and shrinking around her e-mail. Most watched News videos Spectacular moment hundreds of horses spiral together at festival Teenage girls attack McDonald's worker and spit in his face London: Man seen scaling the outside of The Shard skyscraper Children scream as two families get into shocking brawl at Disneyland Locals take turns to ride turtle as distressed animal tries to move CCTV of Salih Khater driving at police officers in Westminster Baseball fans brawl in the stands at Chicago Cubs-White Sox match Rescue workers search for bodies after Himalayas avalanche Final moments of mountaineers seen before Himalayas avalanche 'Flight from hell': Brits filmed throwing up on plane to festival Shocking CCTV shows up to 60 teens vandalizing and looting Walgreens There she goes: Parked car is swallowed by a giant sinkhole.

More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Paralyzed football player, 27, and his full-time carer wife, 26, share intimate account of his agonizing Parents of toddler with muscle-wasting disease that means he will never walk call for mandatory genetic Diet high in fruit and vegetables may protect against pre-eclampsia in pregnancy because the fibre 'boosts How chlamydia can spread to other parts of the body from oral sex: Scientists discover common STI can EDIT: Another idea is to keep the food in your trunk then when you're hungry eat in the parking lot.

Yes, I have done that.

Question about bringing food/drink to Wonderland - wohawygife.tk Forums

A lot of families bring food and have it in the car and then eat on the picnic tables or lawn outside in the parking lot. I have even seen people bbq in the wonderland parking lot.

Unless you want to eat off from baby food for that day, they allow baby food. Since they don't sell BB food at wonderland, noone is willing to serve their 1month-3year old French Fries, Pizza's and Coke. How long has it been like that?

I remember when I used to go years ago my mom would always bring sandwhiches and chips and we would eat it on the lawn at the waterpark. It's been like that for awhile. Went just 2 weeks ago I think, and this guy went through my entire backpack.

Tulip in Wonderland Part 4

I forgot to take my books out that day and questioned me why I brought 3 textbooks with me to wonderland.. Wendy was a quiet and shy antisocial girl, all she really knew were her best friends and her brothers. Now she's being forced to a separate room and high school. Things are just too crazy for her now. The lost boys are dangerous, they're known for their tricks and delinquent antics. They're bad news and everyone knows this, everyone but Wendy that is. She does something to the boys, she makes then nicer, kinder, more civilized. What happens when her best friends and the lost boys clash not only in who gets to be Wendy's friends but in their native and foreign homes.

Things get messy for both sides and Wendy gets to see how dark Neverland and its residents truly can be.

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