Data Mining Applications Using Artificial Adaptive Systems

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Neural Information Processing. Sabri Arik. Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods. Ana Fred. Qingshan Liu. Machine Learning: Theory and Applications. Spectral and Shape Analysis in Medical Imaging. Christian Wachinger. Paolo Massimo Buscema. Partially Supervised Learning.


Zhi-Hua Zhou. Engineering Applications of Neural Networks. Giacomo Boracchi. Serkan Kiranyaz. Computational Intelligence for Pattern Recognition. Witold Pedrycz. Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems in Medicine.

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Adaptive Intelligence

Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing. Richa Singh. Computational Diffusion MRI. Torben Schneider.

Population Algorithm (Semeion©)

Enrico Kaden. Ervin Sejdic. Seminal Contributions to Modelling and Simulation. Khalid Al-Begain. Image Analysis. Puneet Sharma. Ajith Abraham. Data Matching. Peter Christen. Adaptive Biometric Systems. Fabio Roli. J Shotton. AI Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Byeong Ho Kang.


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Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management. Riccardo Dondi. Handbook of Biomedical Imaging. Nikos Paragios. Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations. Lazaros Iliadis. Anke Meyer-Baese.

Elastic Net Regression Explained in Hindi ll Machine Learning Course

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