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To our great delight we got rid of most of our Brazilian passengers, for we had never traveled with such unmannerly people. The steamer was very fine with electric lights and marble fittings to saloon and cabins, but between the class of passengers and Brazilian cooking, and the rolling and pitching of the vessel, it was not a pleasant trip.

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On the afternoon of the 11th of February, , we were at anchor in the river near the quarantine island fifteen miles from Montevideo. There being quarantine against Rio on account of the yellow fever, we all had to land here.

Hotel Rural Señorío de Ursua en Arizcun

Our baggage was overhauled and all soiled clothes sent to the so-called laundry to have the fever germs washed out. We were then scrutinized and shown to the hotel, or department of the hotel where we had to remain for three days, or if fever developed, for a much longer period. We now had a chance to look about us on this "Isla de Flores," a name evidently given in ridicule of the small desert on which we were compelled to stay. For on this Island, across which we could throw a stone, not a flower, nothing but rocks and sand could be seen.

Ursúa (Spanish Edition) - AbeBooks - William Ospina:

The island is a source of revenue rather than expense to the Uruguayan Government. At the hotel I suppose we must so call it it cost us for the poor poor accommodation and detestable food, as much as a suite of rooms at our best hotels. The classes were graded according to the ability of the passenger to pay, as first, second and third. What could third have been?

Certainly it could only have placed us among the thousands of Italian immigrants instead of a few cabin passengers, for the food could not have been any poorer. While there, a French and an English mail steamer arrived and the passengers were landed and put in a separate part of the hotel. After three days a small steamer came alongside the wharf and we were conveyed to Montevideo, the capital and metropolis of the Republic of Uruguay, a beautiful place of about 80, people, nicely laid out with fine buildings and pretty parks.

The cathedral, facing the principal square, is one of the finest I have seen. There are many steamers leaving every evening for Buenos Aires, and owing to the competition the accommodation is good and fares low.

We leave in the evening, and during the night steam miles, and at early morn are in the thriving city of Buenos Aires. This, the great port of the Argentine Republic, is the second port in America, ranking next to New York in the amount of its commerce. It is a city of , Inhabitants, the most populous of South America and by far the most progressive. The greater number of the people are of Spanish origin, though in the town itself, a quarter of the population is Italian, they being mostly engaged with the shipping.

The river is so shallow here that the large vessels anchor ten or fifteen miles away from the town, and goods therefrom have to be landed in lighters. Two large piers extend a mile out over the river from which passengers embark, and on which land docks are now in course of construction and already vessels of good size can come up to the town.

Horse and mule cars manufactured in New York run through the principal streets.

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Here as in Santiago, Chili, the houses are very fine, and the "patios" or courtyards with their plants are carefully attended. The entrance to the patios are guarded by wrought iron gates of artistic design. Since the settlement of the boundary between Chili and the Argentine Republic, vast tracts of land for pasturage have been opened up in the province of Patagonia, a district for the most part possessed of a good soil and a New England climate.

The great Industry is sheep-raising. In the number of these animals the Argentine Republic ranks as first in the world, though they do not average as large, or of so fine a grade as in Australia and the United States. During my stay in the Republic, I accepted an invitation to spend a week on a sheep ranch called the "Estancia de TayTay," the property of an American firm of bankers at Buenos Aires. This is called the model ranch of the country, and on it are 80, sheep. They are divided into about thirty flocks, under the care of shepherds, who live in huts on the different parts of the extensive ranch.

Plenty of duck, plover and other wild fowl owl are to be found here, and after a couple of hours' shooting, we could easily fill our wagon box. After a very pleasant visit, we take leave of our friends in Buenos Aires and embark on the Royal mail steamer " Nova " for Rio de Janeiro direct. During my previous visit I had seen all I wanted to of the town, so I at once betook myself to the mountains, to a place called Tijuca. Here, though but twelve miles from Rio, we were in a delightful climate, living in a wooded ravine in the hills, with falls and a river rushing over the rocks. From the top of a cliff beside us, we could look over the town of Rio, beautiful in the distance, as well as across the lovely bay.

Two days more and we were again in England. Buenos Aires became one of the most important ports in South America and by , more than 32, ships transported 30, tons of grains per day. This seductive mantra, shouted throughout the Americas in , convinced thousands of people that California's gold could be had simply by picking it up off the ground.

Ramon Gil Navarro, an Argentinean political exile living in Chile, heard these rumors of a new El Dorado, but he was not so naive as to believe that the gold merely had to be gathered. He understood that mining required extensive capital investment and labor, and along with three other investors he arranged to have workers and a shipload of supplies sent to California. Navarro accompanied the workers to Stockton and began prospecting.

Gold rush California was a rough and tumble world where finding gold and keeping it was not a simple matter. Navarro encountered people from all over the world brought together in a society marked by racial and ethnic intolerance, swift and cruel justice, and great hardships. It was a world of contrasts, where the roughest of the rough lived in close proximity to extremely refined cultural circles. Despite his planning, Navarro had not reckoned on the racism he would encounter.

He witnessed several instances of Anglo miners harassing Latinos and other ethnic groups. After three years without success, Navarro returned to South America. He became a national representative in the Argentinean congress and worked as a journalist. He never returned to California.

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Lloyds Register of Shipping gives the entire fleet of the world as 28, steamers and sailing vessels, with a total tonnage of 27,,, of which 39 perent are British. Ship Captains.

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The Naval Order of the United States has a history dating from Membership includes a wide range of individuals, many with highly distinguished career paths. John McGarry. Patagonia has been associated with conditions of extreme hardship and suffering. Men and ships were lost in the dangerous waters of the Straits of Tierra del Fuego, giving rise to tales of mysterious cities populated by the shipwrecked sailors, survivors of failed expeditions.

Early Spanish attempts to colonize Patagonia ended in failure and the region remained largely uninhabited until the arrival of the Welsh in Their peaceful coexistence with the natives ended abruptly when the Argentine Army entered Patagonia and took over the Indian lands, which were promptly distributed to new settlers.

As a new frontier society, Patagonia could not fail to attract its share of desperadoes and adventurers, the most notorious of whom are described in the book, including gold prospectors, hunters and bandits such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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Eakin This narrative history of Latin America surveys five centuries in less than five hundred pages. The first third of the book moves from the Americas before Columbus to the wars for independence in the early nineteenth century. The construction of new nations and peoples in the nineteenth century forms the middle third, and the final section analyzes economic development, rising political participation, and the search of identity over the last century. The collision of peoples and cultures - Native Americans, Europeans, Africans - that defines Latin America, and gives it both its unity and diversity, provides the central theme of this concise, synthetic history.

For young readers with maps, timelines, Web addresses for additional study.

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