Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics

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Developing high quality CAA in mathematics

Kourilova, P. Littell, R. Journal of Animal Science, Vol. Keinert, F. Montgomery, D. Nemec, R. New York: Routledge. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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How to Cite. Below is a brief overview of how the Mathletics database has been used to integrate assessments for diagnostic and formative purposes into modules. Diagnostic tests have been set up for all level 1 mathematics students and Foundation of Information Technology students. Students have to complete the tests by the end of their first week at university.

Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics

Personal tutors receive the results of the assessments and then feed back to students areas of weaknesses and improvements that need to be made. In some cases students are asked to repeat the assessments. Diagnostic tests have been used in this way successfully for the last 10 years and have proved to be very efficient. One of the key features of the questions developed as part of the Mathletics database is the extensive feedback provided. Students are told, where possible, the mistake or mistakes that they made, given the fully worked solution and are provided with some generic feedback.

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A recent addition to this feedback was a 'related material' functionality which pointed students to other resources that they may find helpful such as links to the national mathcentre. Research undertaken at Brunel University found that once students engage with the assessments it benefits their learning of the subject area Gill and Greenhow, However, getting students to engage and undertake formative assessment tasks is more challenging than just making assessments available.

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By having an academic member of staff or a post-graduate student present, students are more willing to engage and interact with the assessment system knowing that help is on hand if needed. The presence of an academic member of staff has proved successful with level 1 mathematics modules. Students attended weekly lab sessions and engaged and interacted with the assessments even though no marks achieved from these assessments contributed to their final module grade.

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Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics Using STACK

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Diagnosing bugs in a simple procedural skill. Brown Eds. Academic Press. Caviness, B.

Technology Aided Assessment

On canonical forms and simplification. Journal of the ACM, 17 2 , — Euler, L. Introduction to analysis of the infinite Vol.

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Translated by Blanton, J. Fenichel, R.

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An on-line system for algebraic manipulation. Fitch, J. On algebraic simplification. Computer Journal, 16 1 , 23— Hollingsworth, J. Automatic graders for programming classes. Communications of the ACM, 3 10 , — Kirshner, D.