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Natural honey reduces blood lipids, or fats, homocysteine and C-reactive protein in normal subjects and subjects with high blood lipids, the Dubai researchers found.

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Levels of homocysteine and C-reactive protein provide an indication of increased risk for heart disease. Green tea's antioxidants, in addition to helping to protect the body from diseases common to middle age and the senior years such as atherosclerosis -- hardening of the arteries -- and possibly reducing the inflammation from arthritis, may help to protect the body from free radicals' aging effects.

Consuming honey resulted in reduced anxiety and improved spatial memory in middle-aged rats, compared to rats fed a comparable diet with sucrose or a sugar-free diet, researchers from New Zealand's Waikato University reported in the June issue of "Physiology and Behavior.

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Livestrong Food and Drink Beverages Tea. Gryphon Adams. Weight Loss. It is one of the most trusted brand in the category and has been ranked as the No. Both green tea and ginger are known for their health benefits and help relieve nausea, dizziness and motion sickness. In this recipe, you can also try using Honey Ginger by Dabur instead of using raw ginger and honey.

Green Iced Tea with Honey

It is advised to take three to four cups of green tea with ginger every day for optimal health benefits. Lemon and other citrus juices are filled with vitamin c, which fights off infections and keeps the immune system strong.

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Lemon juice also increases the amount of catechins a human body extracts from green tea by up to six times. The same recipe can also be made into a cooler by cooling off the green tea mix, adding few drops of lemon, a teaspoon of honey and lots of ice. Lavender is a great flavor for summers as it cools the body. Combining green tea with lavender also helps prevents hair fall. Need more tips on how to prepare your cup of green tea with honey?

Warm Honey Green Tea Recipe - EatingWell

Keep following our blog. Grab a bottle of Dabur Honey today! Here are several health benefits of drinking green tea with honey:.

Drink Green Tea Mixed With Honey Every Day, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

One of essential ingredient in green tea is caffeine. When it combines with honey, vitamins in them promote the health of brain as well as improve its function.

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey

Those two ingredients make neurons are better fired while improving focus and concentration. Brain reaction also will improve moreover for memory. In addition, green tea has less amount of caffeine in compared to coffee. However, green tea with honey is great to make the brain stable and increase your focus.

There are some things people can do to reduce the excess calories. Take a few cups of green tea with honey regularly actually can help those who are with excess calories. Green tea has the benefit to make your immune system boosts while honey can reduce calories in the body. That combination will reduce the calories about 17 percent. Great of antioxidants for health of the body, we can get from the combination of green tea with honey.

Amazing Benefits Of Green Tea and Honey:

Those antioxidants help in reduce the risk of cancer that occurs due to uncontrolled multiplying effect. When it consumed regularly, it is not only can prevent the cancer but also mitigates them. Cavities and other dental issues are two things that most of people are concerned about. Green tea with honey contains Catechins, where it can improve dental health effectively.

In addition, streptococcus mutans bacteria are mainly reason of plaque and other dental issues.