A Handbook for Life:A Practical Guide to Success and Happiness

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Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Your morning routine is great way to greet the day, to get some exercise or meditation or quiet contemplation, or to get some writing or other work done. Develop intimate relationships. If you have a significant other, be sure to spend time each day and each week with that person, to work on your relationship and communicate and continue to bond.

Every single person we meet is a fellow human being, with the same desires for happiness, for food and shelter, for an intimate connection. Find that common thread, be open and sincere, find out more about each other, understand each other, and give love. This can be one of the most important things you do. Eliminate debt. Financially, this is a huge way to relieve stress and make you feel much more secure. I suggest that you get rid of your credit cards if you have a problem with credit card debt or impulse spending and create a snowball pla n for yourself.

It may take a couple of years, but you can get out of debt.

Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity : zen habits

Enjoy the simple pleasures. You can find these everywhere. Food I love berries! You could probably make a list of 20 simple pleasures right now, things you enjoy that you could find every day. Sprinkle those little pleasures throughout your day. It makes the journey much more enjoyable. Empty your inbox and clear your desk. I get an inordinate amount of pleasure from having a clean desk. I recommend you give it a try. Build an emergency fund. This is standard-issue financial advice, I know … and yet it is extremely important. I cannot stress how important it is to have at least a tiny emergency fund in the bank.

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  • You often hear that you should have six months saved up. Start out with just a hundred dollars if you can. Cut back on a few things. Then build it up, every payday. Keep a journal. I, for one, have a bad long-term memory, and by writing things down, I can look back and remember what happened a month ago. I started an online journal, something I call the one-sentence journal, and my goal is to just write one sentence a day. Sometimes I write two or three, but the idea is the same — just get one or two things down that happened that day, so I can always look back on it later.

    Use the power of others. Achieving your goals can be difficult, but using the power of others makes it much more likely to happen. For example, put positive public pressure on yourself by announcing your goal on your blog. Or join an online forum, or a group in your neighborhood, that you can count on for support. Read, and read to your kids. I love to curl up with a good novel or even a trashy one and I can waste away an afternoon with a book.

    I love spending time with them this way, and we all enjoy the stories we share together through books.

    Positive living and Wellbeing: Personal Development & Life Skills

    Limit your information intake. In our lives today, we get a tremendous amount of information through email, blog feeds, reading websites, paperwork, memos, newspapers, magazines, television, DVDs, radio, mobile phones and Blackberries. Not only can this be overwhelming, but it can be distracting and can fill up your life until you have no time for more important things. Go on a media fast to get control over your information intake, and to simplify your life Create simple systems. Create an efficient system for laundry, mail and paperwork, errands, your workflow.

    Anything, really.

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    See ways to Streamline Your Life and to make your mail and paperwork painless. Take time to decompress after stress. There will inevitably be times in your life when you go through high stress. Perhaps several times a week. To maintain your sanity, you need to find ways to decompress. Here are some great ways to do that.

    Be present. Time can go by extremely quickly. Before you know it, your life has passed you by. Your kids are grown and your youth is gone. Instead of dwelling in the past or thinking about the future, practice being in the here and now. Here are some practical tips for being present. Develop equanimity. Keep your sanity through all the challenges that life throws at you.

    Rude drivers, irritating co-workers, mean commenters on your blog, inconsiderate family members. Try these practical tips. Spend time with family and loved ones. One of the things that can lead to the greatest happiness, make this a priority every week, every day. Clear off as much time as possible to spend with those you love, and truly enjoy those times. Read this for more. There will always be times in our lives when we get a little down, even depressed.

    Take action to get yourself out of your slump. This is hard to do, but it can be a great way to accept who you are and what you have. Whenever you find yourself comparing yourself to a co-worker, a friend, or someone famous those models on magazines with amazing abs , stop. And realize that you are different, with different strengths. Take a minute to appreciate all the good things about yourself, and to be grateful for all the blessings in your life. Focus on benefits, not difficulties. Focus instead on what benefits it will have for you, what opportunities it will create — the good things about it.

    By changing the way you see things, you can change how you feel about them and make it easier to get things done. Be romantic. If you have that special someone, find little ways to be romantic.

    A Handbook for Life

    It can do wonders to keep your relationship alive and fresh. See these ideas to get you started. Lose arguments. I know someone who just celebrated his 50th anniversary, and I asked him for his secret to a long and happy marriage. He told me, that if I ever get into an argument with my wife, to just shut up. I think this is a reminder many of us need, not just the married ones. But instead of just giving up the argument, instead of trying to be right, instead seek to understand. This little tip can lead to much happiness.

    Get into the flow. Flow is the term for the state we enter when we are completely focused on the work or task before us. We are so immersed in our task that we lose track of time. Having work and leisure that gets you in this state of flow will almost undoubtedly lead to happiness. Get into that flow by first doing something you are passionate about, and second by eliminating all distractions and really focusing on the task before you.

    Instead, focus on one task at a time. This leads to greater productivity and less stress. See these tips for more. Be frugal. This is a habit, rather than a goal. It is a way of living, a different mindset, and the best way to live within your means. Start small and slow.

    Regular Zen Habits readers know that I advocate starting slow with any goal or habit change, and starting with a small goal rather than a big one. Why small? You have the rest of your life! Learn to deal with detractors. We all face detractors in our lives.

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    • They are the naysayers who, even if they are well-intentioned, will make us feel unworthy, or that you cannot achieve a goal. They will tease or be negative. In order to achieve your goals, you need to learn how to deal with these detractors and overcome this common obstacle. Read these tips for some ideas. Go outdoors. These days, too many of us spend so much of our time indoors, especially if our jobs and our ways of having fun are all online.

      Our kids are often just as bad or worse, with so many ways to watch TV, surf the internet or play video games. Get them and yourself outdoors, appreciate nature, the beauty of the world around us, and the fun of physical activity. See this article for more ideas to do with or without kids. Retire early. And if you do something meaningful with your life, such as volunteer and help others, it can be a way to be really happy.

      Savor the little things. Sure, the big things can bring big pleasure, but there are so many more little things in our lives. Savor them when they come up. And take time to enjoy it. Read this article for more. Be lazy. I like the latter, and do it every chance I get. Does that make me a lazy person? It makes me happy, and the kids love being lazy with me.

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      Help others. While finding pleasure in life is one way to be happy, doing something that is more than you, that helps others to be happy or to suffer less, is even more rewarding. I suggest you find a good cause or two and volunteer some of your time.