Let’s Play Pretend

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Remember that pretend play doesn't have to make sense or be realistic.

Penny Arcade - Comic - Let’s Play Pretend!

Instead of asking the kid too many questions or overwhelming them with ideas, say "yes" when they think of something they want to play. For example, if your kid wants to play underwater astronauts, don't discourage them or ask them if they mean scuba divers.

Initiate pretend play by suggesting a scenario. You don't have to wait for your child to start imaginary play. For example, if you've just arranged couch cushions all over the floor, call your child over. Say, "Let's pretend the floor is covered with lava and we can only step on the cushions to get to the boat the couch.

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You could say, "Let's pretend we're making a movie! Where should we play? What do we need? Make up imaginary scenarios during active play. If your child is bored or feeling stuck inside the house, get them outside and think of a silly, funny, or scary scenario to play. For example, go in the yard and run around as though a giant or monster is chasing you. Have your child hide while you seek.

Let's Play Pretend: An Erotic Short Story

To give your child some control, tell them to chase you! To make hide and seek more entertaining, tell your child to pretend that they're a mouse hiding from a big cat. Give your child an imaginary task to do. If your imaginary play scenario is running out of steam and your child is getting bored, think of fun ways to involve them in playing pretend. Some play scenarios include: [1] Giving them the tools to plant an imaginary garden Asking them to make you a pretend meal Directing them to build a fire in your fort or couch castle.

Method 2. Build a fort. Decide if you'd like to make an indoor or outdoor play fort.

Lights - Pretend (Reprise)

It's easy to make a temporary play fort by draping sheets or blankets over chairs and tables. Fill the fort with cushions, blankets, flashlights, and stories. Imagine you're both inside a frosty igloo or deep in a dark cave. Outdoor play forts can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

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Make one out of snow, leaves, or wooden boards. Use your couch as a play base.

Let's Play Pretend

Remove the large cushions from the couch and prop them up around the couch. Arrange them to make an obstacle course or drape a blanket over the cushions to create a couch fort. You can also stack the cushions to create towers for a castle. There are some mp3s on the songs page, or you can order a CD from our merchandise page. Those are a couple ways you could listen to some songs. Maybe there are other ways.

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Let’s Play Pretend!

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