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LikeSulaandThe Song of Solomonafterit,thebookseemstomesuccessfulinuniversalterms,evenifonesharesneitherMorrison'soriginsnorherideologies. Beloved,Morrison'smost famous romance narrative, seems to me problematic, though ithas reachedavastaudience. Agenerationor twowillhave topassbeforea balanced judgment could be rendered uponBeloved orMorrison's laternovels,Jazz,Paradise,andLove.

Toni Morrison's The bluest eye

WhatInever forgetaboutThe Bluest Eye is its terrifyingpenultimateparagraph,where thenarrator censuresherself andher friends for turningawayfromPecolabecausethechild'smadness,engenderedbythetraumaofbeingrapedbyherfather,Cholly,"boredusintheend":. Class, race, evengenderdonotover-determine thisbleakness.

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Morrison'sheroicsurvivorsinBelovedareintendedtostandupbothinandagainst theirhistory. Perhapstheydo,but thetorments theyhaveenduredalsoaretendentiouslyelaborated,becausetheauthorhasanideologicaldesignuponus,herguiltyreaders,whiteandblack,maleandfemale.

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ThenarratorofThe Bluest Eyepersuadesme,wherethenarrationofBeloveddoesnot. Lawrence'sterms,ItrustboththetaleandthetellerinThe Bluest Eye. Seventy-seven years later, in , Toni Morrisons The Bluest Eye dramatized the plight of a black girl and her brother growing up in lorain, ohio, in an atmosphere of conjugal strife. But in both cases alcoholism is shown to be much more caused than causing. The alcoholism occurs because of economic and cultural stress and the characters attempts to escape that stress, but even more because of the individual and family patterns which have emerged, not necessarily to deal with this stress.

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The turning to alcohol by one or more members of the family is simply one mode of expressionone way of escaping stress and pain, one way of fortifying ones self-esteem. Modes of expression which appear to be innocent, virtuous, or at least neutral are shown to contribute at least equally to the destructive and complex interaction of the families. Thus, alcoholism is not presented as the cause of the problems of these families, nor as the decisive. My purpose in the following essay is to demonstrate the extent to which such a view of alcoholism is consistent with the work of many social and behavic scientists.

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Cisin and helen M. Crossley, of one-third of the men who drink and one-fourth of the women2 , it can be both a symptom of stress and a symbolic protest; as means of compensating for loss of powerwithin the social structure or personal relationshipit can also be a symptom of stress and a symbolic protest.

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The reasoning is that since alcohol releases inhibitions, the drinker may commit acts normally unacceptable to self-esteem or reputation without feeling directly responsible for these actsas long as he can attribute their cause to alcohol. Thus, an accepted social customdrinkingand an accepted, acknowledged resultaggressionallow the drinker to have the time out which Craig Macandrew and Robert edgerton identify as a learned behavior in which the drunkard finds himself, if not beyond good and evil, at least partially removed from the accountability nexus in which he normally operates.

Graves and Robert K. Merton, such drunken aggressiveness is likely to occur more frequently in subcultures in which individuals find that strongly established societal goals are unattainablea correlation which is hardly surprising, given the consequent stress and loss of self-esteem as well as the lack of a subculturally approved alternative defense mechanism.

Toni Morrison's the ""Bluest Eye

The tendency, too, according to David levinson, is for aggressive drinking behavior. The fact that aggressive behavior frequently occurs in the presence of people of lower status can of course contribute to an understanding of the large number of spouse-abuse situations which involve a high degree of alcohol abuse: forty to ninety-five percent of the cases studied by Roger langley and Richard C.

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Further, Murray a. Straus suggests that cultural norm After graduating from Yale, Bloom remained there as a teacher, and was made Sterling Professor of Humanities in Bloom's theories have changed the way that critics think of literary tradition and has also focused his attentions on history and the Bible.

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  5. He has written over twenty books and edited countless others. He is one of the most famous critics in the world and considered an expert in many fields. In he became a founding patron of Ralston College, a new institution in Savannah, Georgia, that focuses on primary texts. Toni Morrison's the Bluest Eye. The Bluest Eye is one of Toni Morrison's most powerful novels.