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Young chilldren love having these stories read to them. Junior High and High School students love them, too. These books have twelve to thirty beautiful, western line drawings. All of the books in the series are very popular with both boys and girls and men and women. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 27 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Luke-The First , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages.

These true stories center around the author's experiences growing up on a ranch and raising and training her horses. Their goal is to allow the reader to experience ranch life in western America.

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These non-fiction books are enjoyed by readers from two to eighty-two. The rest of the titles in this series 13 so far go into Chick's offspring and friends. Luke is a beautiful, wise horse that has many interesting stories to tell. The first chapter of the book talks about ranch life and branding cattle. These books have had many very positive reviews from the top reviewers students, teachers, librarians, adults, and elderly. The author-written AR tests are free. Rennaissance has tested the books for their reading level, 3.

Young chilldren love having these stories read to them. Junior High and High School students love them, too. These books have twelve to thirty beautiful, western line drawings. All of the books in the series are very popular with both boys and girls and men and women. For more info about author visits and books, call: or 'zchorses hotmail. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Diane W. Keaster was raised on a ranch in central Montana.

WSI is the only studbook in Ireland with an inspection system designed to identify stallion prospects for eventing breeding. If you have a Thoroughbred stallion or a true half-bred stallion meaning the stallion has a sire or a dam that is a TB, Anglo Arab, or Shagya Arab contact WSI about our inspections in Download an application form by clicking here.

Young stallions 2- and 3-year-olds will be shown loose; 4-year-old and older stallions will be shown under saddle. Download an application by clicking here. For directions type "Longfield Farm" in Google Maps. Read WSI Report 75 by clicking here to download the pdf file. WSI can now fully operate in Northern Ireland, open an office, etc. Since WSI has received funding from DAFM to support initiatives such as educational programs and KT events, mare and stallion inspections, our genomic selection program, etc.

We received a letter yesterday from DAFM informing us that their financial check revealed "no findings". Two of WSI's founding principles are accountability and transparency. We were pleased to have been found once again by DAFM to be good stewards of the public funds entrusted to us. This 6-year-old mare already has earned 88 showjumping points and has won two 1. WSI is Ireland's largest inspector of sport horse stallions because we combine expertise, transparency, and fairness.

This article the title is translated into English as "Openness about WFFS mandated by the European Union" discusses the implications for studbooks of new EU legislation that came into effect on 1 November. WSI is the only sport horse studbook in Ireland that is addressing the Fragile Foal Syndrome issue, which can impact any horse that has Thoroughbred genetics in its extended pedigree.

No matter its breed, if you would like assistance having your filly, mare, or stallion tested for the WFFS1 mutated allele please contact WSI. Read WSI Report 74 by clicking on the link to download the pdf file.

The following horses have passed the genomic test for the genes associated with osteochondrosis. Sport mares, dry brood mares, and mares with foals are invited.

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Reserve your place by downloading and returning the application form by 15 November. More breeders, more speakers and judges, more spectators, more sponsors, and most importantly more super foals created the best Irish Warmblood Festival and Foal Championship to date. Wednesday began with a very insightful presentation by Dr. Jan Greve of Watermolen Stud Netherlands highlighting the traits required of all successful sport horses, and the athletic and conformation traits that separate showjumpers from eventers.

Irish Warmblood showjumping foals were shown next, with each foal having its conformation and loose movement, elasticity, and athleticism assessed by Jan Greve, Peter Strijbosch, and the afternoon speaker, Gerald Lenaerts.

Luke-The First

Irish Warmblood eventing foals next took centre stage, and the three judges assessed each foal and provided useful feedback to the breeders and spectators. Gerald Lenaerts, founder of Studfarm Overis Belgium and a very successful breeder of showjumping and eventing horses, next gave a presentation about the challenges and opportunities of trying to breed simultaneously for both top sport and the foal marketplace. Finally Dr. Greve awarded prizes to the best foals and their breeders. Sixteen outstanding foals suitable for showjumping, eventing, and dressage will compete for the Champion crowns at the Irish Warmblood Championship on 16 September at CoilOg Equestrian Centre.

Fourteen of the foals will be offered for sale by their breeders, with no commissions or fees charged by WSI. Contact us today to reserve your free seat. Send us an email admin irish-warmblood. Click here to see the schedule. All Non-Carriers. Testing Continues. Half the Festival seats are already booked. Contact WSI today to reserve your free seats: And the deadline is approaching to enter your foal in the Irish Warmblood Championship. Enter today.

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Foal Registration form. Festival Foal Championship Entry form. The mission of Irish Horse Gateway is to connect buyers to sellers of Irish horses and ponies, and to promote the Irish horse and pony internationally. Their sponsorship will be used to augment the prize fund for the Foal Championship. Further details about Irish Horse Gateway can be found here.

We already have confirmed guests coming from as far away as New Zealand! Both showjumping and eventing foals will be inspected by three guest judges, and WSI staff will introduce you to the breeders of your chosen foals. See the schedule for more information, and contact us by message or email admin irish-warmblood. Three half-brothers are 1.

He descends from Holsteiner damline TB and true half-bred mares lacking in elasticity, canter, and jumping traits. Information about semen availability may be obtained from the stallion owner, Ballyneety Stud Farm, by ringing We provided the requested information he is a non-carrier, as are all tested horses in our population so far. The geneticist is conducting research on the mutated allele by mapping it back through pedigrees and believes WFFS1 will be shown to be a big problem for breeders. As more and more alive and long-dead stallions are shown to be carriers WSI believes the scientist is correct.

If your studbook does not require testing, take action yourself. Contact WSI today and we will help you test your breeding stock and give you the guidance you need to make the right decisions. Or better yet, become an Irish Warmblood breeder. WSI has the most comprehensive testing regime of any studbook in the world, and our testing program was approved unanimously by our members in a referendum. Third dam, Herka xx, is a full-sister to 1. Already WSI has registered foals in four countries on two continents this year. Whether you are near or far, you can get an Irish Warmblood passport for your well-bred foal.

Start the process by visiting our 1 Click Foal Registration page. The final stallion selected at the Stage 3 inspection on 20 April for the veterinary and genomic examinations has successfully completed the requirements. Comments: LSS Toscassini has a very good pedigree and stallion expression. His canter is light but should be longer; the inspectors expect the canter will improve as he develops. He jumps naturally and with ease, and he enjoys jumping.

The stallion must be re-presented to the Stallion Committee in and again in , when he is under saddle. Breeding Recommendation: LSS Toscassini will suit mares with a large frame and lacking in blood or quality. Entry to the three speaker sessions at the Irish Warmblood Festival will be free of charge. But due to seating limitations we must require advance booking for the speaker sessions.

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We will be publicising the free tickets to the public within the next ten days. Once the free tickets are gone you can still see all the action in the indoor arena but you will not be able to attend the presentations. Contact us today to reserve a seat. To aim of the class is to "identify young performance mares with suitable conformation, pedigree, and athleticism to be potential broodmares of top performing show jumping horses.

The pair also placed fifth in the first qualifier earlier in the week, securing their place in the Championship class. Equine 74 Gastric , the effective and natural gastric ulcer prevention product, has renewed its sponsorship in the Irish Warmblood Festival and Foal Championship. Equine 74 Gastric is proven effective in preventing ulcers in horses both by independent scientific research and by the large number of professional and amateur riders and owners who feed the product every day to their horses.

You can also use the database to order a Zootechnical Certificate ZC by clicking on the Download Certificate pdf icon. Beginning on 1 November all studbooks in the EU must provide ZCs for horses they register upon request and payment of a fee. The ZC will contain information useful to purchasers when horses are sold. Want to register your foal with WSI but the stallion owner or agent insists on sending the covering certificate to HSI? We have it covered. We realise that social media has amplified the voices of good, insightful, and well-meaning people in the equestrian industry.

This is good. And we all benefit from their participation. But social media also has amplified the voices of individuals who spend time stalking, berating, and defaming other people, their horses, and their businesses. WSI has a zero tolerance approach to individuals who stalk, berate, defame, and threaten others. We ban them from participating in discussions on Irish Warmblood pages as we owe our community a safe digital environment free of harassment.

And we ban their aliases and surrogates. As individuals, WSI directors also choose not to engage with these people. We believe the best approach to deal with these individuals is to block them and to resist the urge to engage with them in a downward spiral of hate.

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A simple test we use: Would you let this person into your sitting room, and let him or her say the things they say on social media to you, your family members, and guests in your home? Horse International , the world's leading equestrian magazine, is sponsoring the prize fund for the Showjumping Champion Colt and Eventing Champion Filly. Along with the cash prize the breeders of these foals will receive a three-issue subscription to Horse International.

The Irish Warmblood community congratulates and wishes the best of luck to the following young horses competing at the Dublin Horse Show under the registration or approval by the Warmblood Studbook of Ireland. Equilume , the high tech company founded by Dr. Equilume's innovative lighting products have been scientifically proven to stimulate early reproductive activity in the mare, improve foal birth weight, and help prevent prolonged gestation lengths. WSI encourages breeders to visit Equilume's homepage and to use their scientifically proven lighting solutions to improve the efficiency of your breeding programs.

The homepage for the Irish Warmblood Festival has been updated with the latest information.