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Down Co. Dublin North Co. Dublin South Co. Fermanagh Co. Galway East Co.

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Galway West Co. Kildare Co. Kilkenny Co. Laois Co. Leitrim Co.

Limerick Co. But if it can be shown that the idea of Spanish origins can be explained equally well without invoking such a hypothesis, then the scenario looks much less likely. In fact there are several such explanations, all of which may give us parts of the total picture. He too toyed with the idea of migrations from Spain, in this case as a way of accounting for the dark colouring and curly hair of the tribe of the Silures in southern Wales. If Spain was thought to be the part of Europe closest to Ireland, what would be more natural than to see it as the source of arrivals from overseas?

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Already in the Dutch scholar A. But there are at least two other considerations which seem worth taking into account. One has to do with names. At least as early as the time of the Spanish scholar-bishop Isidore of Seville d. AD , it was thought that Hibernia, the Latin name for Ireland, derived from H iberia, the Latin name for the peninsula containing Spain and Portugal.

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In fact, any real connection between the two names seems highly unlikely. The adaptation was evidently suggested by the Latin adjective hibernus [wintry] and reflects a much less favourable view of the national climate than that which lies behind the name in its original form. But even if the resemblance between the two Latin names is only a coincidence, it is certainly a striking one. That Irish scholars did have access to Isidore, and to other Spanish writers as well, is the last point to be considered in this connection.

The seventh century was a time of intense and creative intellectual activity in Ireland, of a dynamic synthesis of native and imported concepts and traditions which was fundamental to the evolution of Gaelic culture. At just this time, links with Spain seem to have been close and important: not just the writings of Isidore, but other learned works as well, found their way from Spain to Ireland and played a key role in shaping the world-view of the monastic men of letters.

National Library of Ireland. Further reading:. Carey eds. Edel ed. Login Subscribe To renew a subscription please login first. As at October , there are almost names on the list. For those wishing to conduct further reading about the Irish in New Zealand a select bibliography is provided here.

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This page contains information about events or notices that may be of interest to those visiting this site. The migration process has not been entirely one way and this site also provides details of New Zealand connections in Ireland. A list of other links exploring the New Zealand Ireland connections is provided here.